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The FutureLaw Landlord Property Management Team brings a full array of legal skills and decades of experience in providing advice to landlords and property managers on a broad scope of property management and landlord-tenant issues, defending and resolving state and federal fair housing claims, and advising on labor and employment issues.

We believe that the proactive approach of establishing strong policies, procedures and forms at the outset is the best way to avoid legal problems down the road.  However, should questions or problems arise, our attorneys can help you address the issue all the way from the initial consultation, up to and including defending you against any claims for liability, and enforcing any and all rights and remedies you may have under any insurance policies.

FutureLaw Property Management Services include:

I. Flat-Fee Retainer for General Advice/ Hourly Billing

FutureLaw maintains relationships on a retainer basis with many of its property management clients for general consultation and advice on an ongoing basis.   This allows landlords to budget a fixed amount for their annual legal expenses.  The arrangement also permits our attorneys to proactively help landlords avoid problems to the maximum extent possible, and to effectively resolve issues should they arise.   Depending on a client’s needs and preferences, any or all of the above services, such as lease preparation or training, can be incorporated into the retainer relationship, with legal costs to be spread evenly throughout the year.  FutureLaw can also provide hourly rates upon request for representation.

II. Training

Lease and Forms:
Individualized training on new or updated leases, other forms, and/or risk mitigation areas.

Landlord-Tenant Law:
FutureLaw is licensed as a real estate school, has approved courses for continuing education for real estate licensees and has licensed real estate instructors.

Fair Housing:
FutureLaw is licensed as a fair housing school, has approved fair housing courses and has licensed fair housing instructors.

Click here for our Property Management Team Members.

III. General Property Management Services

Advise clients on all types of property management matters, including:  routine landlord-tenant questions, managing agent issues, fair housing concerns, reasonable accommodation and accessibility issues, lease questions, mold and other property conditions, and all kinds of landlord policies and procedures.

IV. Lease and Forms

New Lease, process to include:

  • Initial consultation to discuss Lease provisions
  • Prepare draft of Lease
  • Revise Lease after client review
  • Discuss revisions with client
  • Put Lease into final form

Lease Addenda, as applicable

  • Mold Addendum
  • Damage Addendum
  • Concession Addendum
  • Roommate Addendum
  • Pet Addendum
  • Submetering Addendum
  • Airport Noise Addendum

FutureLaw will also provide:

  • Annual update of existing Lease on FutureLaw form
  • Prepare new lease or update existing lease using Futurelaw or client form