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Are You a Landlord or Property Manager?

Do you have questions on issues such as:

  • How to handle foreclosures of rental homes?
  • What to do when a service member wants to terminate his or her lease?
  • What laws apply to treating a property for bed bugs, or other insects?
  • When a lease can be terminated for violations of community policies?
  • How to handle a resident’s complaint about mold in a rental unit?
  • Responding to a resident’s request for a reasonable accommodation, such as asking for a designated parking space, or requesting an assistance animal.
  • Whether your existing lease and other community policies include the best practices for landlords and property managers?
  • What to do when a tenant dies in a rental unit?
  • What you can charge a tenant who pays rent with a bad check?

If you have questions such as these or regarding any aspect of landlord-tenant law in Virginia, the FutureLaw team of attorneys and consultants has decades of experience in providing advice to landlords and property managers on a broad array of property management and landlord-tenant issues. We offer a full scope of property management legal services, including:

  • Serving as outside general counsel to property management companies;
  • Drafting and reviewing leases and other forms,
  • Representing clients before the Fair Housing Board, Real Estate Board and other regulatory agencies

For more information, visit our Property Management Services page.

To learn more about us click to visit FutureLaw II, LLC.